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Tom Gillespie, The Connaught Telegraph (13th Oct 2022 edition) wrote...

Bioresonance Heath Scan

Ever wonder what your inner age is

A bioresonance scan is a great opportunity to monitor your health and learn to understand your body better

It helps you to take action, stay motivated and healthy

Be your own family Dr and turn your health around today

Prevention is better than cure!


  • Measures the vital activity of all organs and systems of the body

  • Gives recommendations on stabilising and harmonising the state of your health to prevent disease.

  • Checks for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and selects supplements if required. It provides the necessary help, in time to minimise the need for medication

  • Determines your biological age

  • Checks BMI

  • Performs food intolerance tests-checks food, medications, cosmetics and dietary supplements, resulting in better choices for best results

  • Bio-resonance device

  • Offers Bio-resonance to harmonise the state of health, preventing disease and eliminating health problems.

  • Strengthens the immune system and improves overall well-being

  • Maintains the balance in the body and relieves allergic reactions

  • Gets rid of viruses, bacteria and parasites

  • Provides a non-invasive detox

My Holistic treatments

1. Mind - Life coaching

2. Body - Accupuncture. Nutritional coaching and consultation

3. Soul - Quantum Healing

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Some Tips I Can Give To You During Challenging Times.


  • How Acupuncture Can Help Reduce Pain and Stress

    Acupuncture is traditional Chinese medicine and has been in existence for thousands of years. It is a technique that balances our life force otherwise known as Qi which is believed to flow through pathways in our body known as meridians. When these pathways are blocked it causes 'dis-ease.' It is widely known as a therapeutic practice to relax and heal the body by using very thin needles. Many people have tried this procedure and are satisfied with the results.

    Thin hair-like needles are used are pressed into the skin. The body may feel slight pain which only lasts a couple of seconds. I recently had a client who described it as “good pain.”   It is a very beneficial way to obtain instant results. 

  • 5 Ways Natural Cosmetics Can Help Protect Environment

    Beauty products and cosmetics are among the most flourishing businesses as they provide you the guarantee of enhancing your beauty with a wide array of products to choose from. In today's age, not only have they acknowledged every type of skin and gender, but many have switched to more nature-loving products to protect the environment. 

    Hence, here are the reasons why it is so important to choose products that can accommodate the environment.

  • Sun gazing

    Sun gazing is an ancestral healing practice which has been passed down throughout generations and is making a come back. I started the practice in autumn 2020 when I had the luck and pleasure to live on Lough Mask in Co Mayo for 6 months. My intention initially was to upskill my photography. When I went out with the camera to catch the best sunlight I found myself absorbed and uplifted by the true magnificance and beauty of what I was immersed in... 

Sun meditation

Start your day with a sun meditation...

BE HAPPY ... BE BRIGHT... BE YOU ... 🌞🌞 Click here 🌞🌞

For more info on safe sun gazing see my blog above "Sun gazing"