How Acupuncture Can Help Reduce Pain and Stress

Acupuncture is traditional Chinese medicine and has been in existence for thousands of years. It is a technique that balances our life force otherwise known as Qi which is believed to flow through pathways in our body known as meridians. When these pathways are blocked it causes 'dis-ease.' It is widely known as a therapeutic practice to relax and heal the body by using very thin needles. Many people have tried this procedure and are satisfied with the results.

Thin hair-like needles are used are pressed into the skin. The body may feel slight pain which only lasts a couple of seconds. I recently had a client who described it as “good pain.”   It is a very beneficial way to obtain instant results. 

One main benefit of acupuncture is that it improves the overall well-being of the individual as well as pain relief and relaxation. It promotes changes that enable rapid positive emotional and physical changes. 

Acupuncture can relieve:

Pain: If one is  looking for treatment of pain, it is advisable  to have a  few sessions of acupuncture particularly if it is chronic pain. In most cases pain is reduced dramatically with one treatment. For more long term results it is recommended to have a course of treatments.

Stress: It is the most common reason for mental health issues  and contributes to many other  health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes  and cancer etc. But with acupuncture, many people feel relaxed after the first needle insertion.

 It activates our parasympathetic system, which encourages the body to relax.   The tweak of the needle can instantly cause calmness to the mind and relaxes the body, which enables one to think more clearly and calmly while releiving insomnia.

Consulting a professional

Since the idea of acupuncture is not widely explained, it is very important to take safety measures when looking for acupuncture treatment. 

Take the following precautions before booking a session:

 If you have pregnancy issues, are at risk for having infections or have  a bleeding condition or a transplant always consult your doctor as they will guide you better.