Bone is made of much more than calcium.

Peak bone density happens in your 20s. You loose density of your bones after that esp women due t hormonal changes

Vitamin D-You get 100 times more vit d from the sun. Safest time to sit in the sun is before 10am.

K2 drives calcium into the bone found in cheese, butter, egg yolk, sauerkraut, beef liver, chicken.

Organic dairy products for calcium are best.

Veggies increase vitamin c  which is needed for collagen absorption into bones  Dark leafy greens are a good source.

Trace minerals manganese, zinc  and copper are important for enzymes and proteins that help build bone. Sea moss and sea salt are good sources of trace minerals.

Boron makes bone strong and can be found in fruits eg apples, beans and potatoes.

Weight bearing exercises help to compound all ingredients together for healthy strong bones!