Sun gazing





Sun gazing is an ancestral healing practice which has been passed down throughout the generations and is making a come back. I started this practice in autumn 2020 when I had the luck and pleasure to live on Lough Mask, Co Mayo  for 6 months. My intention initially was to upskill my photography. When I went out with the camera to catch the best sunlight I found myself absorbed and uplifted by the true magnificance and beauty of what I was immersed in... SUNLIGHT and its sheer brilliance and the way nature seemed to soak up every bit of its gorgeousness.  It too shone brightly and the colour of the trees and water became more vibrant and alive as if they too could feel the magic.  I wanted  more of that and thats when I started to research the power of sunsets and sunrises and the effect it has on us is truly amazing! 


Sun gazing benefits:

  • Alleviate stress.  Releases serotonin the feel good chemical while also inducing a general feeling of peace and joy.
  • Healthy pineal gland. Sun gazing stimulates and helps the pineal gland decalcify and grow enhancing intuition and spiritual growth. This action is associated with bliss and feeling connected to source.
  • Increases vitamin D. Which is immune-boosting and has antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) like LL-37, and cathelicidin which help to prevent disease.
  • Better quality  sleep. Serotonin from morning light increases nighttime melatonin aiding deeper and better sleep. Melatonin is also know as a super antioxidant.
  • Improves eye health and vision when done with caution.
  • Heals skin. Infrared light reduces inflammation and increases natural collagen production. Its anti inflammatory effect is heightened by standing barefoot on the ground while sun gazing.
  • Normalizes hormones. Light balance hormones,
  • Reduces appetite. Regular sun gazers report eating less. It helps with body weight through the effects it has on metabolic and thyroid functions.
  • It stimulates healthy brain function. It is the best mood enhancer, energy booster and emotional balancer.


How to sun gaze

  1. Timing is crucial. Only sun gaze within the first 30 minutes of the sunrise, and within the last 30 minutes of sunset. Staring at the sun outside this window is dangerous and not recommended because of UV exposure which can burn the retina.
  2. Stand barefoot while sun gazing. Standing with your feet on the earth or water is like an energy balancer and super charger. Its also very grounding and a super way to start your day.
  3. Transition slowly. Start with 10 seconds of sungazing and get your eyes used to it. You can also start with your eye closed as it may feel more comfortable. You will still get the benefits but remove eye wear before you begin. Work your way up by another ten each day. Continue slowly building up to 30 minutes. Stop immediately if it hurts your eyes.